High School Multimedia

High School Due Dates

General Information

Requirement For Each Group.

  • A team comprised of 3-6 members registered by the HyperStream Teacher Champion/Advisor in 9th-12th grade
  • Medical Form (All students under the age of 18 as of April 30th)
  • Photo Release Form (All students under the age of 18 as of April 30th)
  • Community Service
  • Team Competition Summaries

Optional participation

  • Best Team Name
  • Best Team Logo

IT Olympic competition components

Each venue will have three components that the teams will be judged on as described in the pages that follow. The three components are:

  • Community Service
  • Primary Competition
  • Real-time Competition

The goals of the competition are to promote interest and exploration of information technology through a fun, unrestricted learning environment that encourages collaboration and experiential learning.

Primary Competition

The primary competition is designed to show the technical abilities of the team. The project that the team has worked on and brought to the competition is what will comprise this portion of the score. Each venue will have different scoring methods and judging criteria which are generally enumerated later in this document.

Real-time Competition

During the IT-Olympics, teams will be asked to solve problems in real-time based on the venue. Because these are real-time problems, the actual challenges and details are not known ahead of time. The problems and the judging criteria are given out during the course of the two-day competition.

Please Make Special Note: Advisors, Mentors, chaperones and visitors will be allowed to watch the competition from the patron seats in Hilton Coliseum during IT-Olympics (only judges and students are allowed in the venue areas and on the floor). The only exception to this is on Friday for the Cyber Defense teams – teachers/mentors can be on the floor on Friday in the cyber venue area only to assist with their cyber teams.

Please be respectful; this is a student event. For all teams to have the same advantage, communications with your teams is not allowed unless cleared by IT-O director or venue director. Any such help or hints will result in a significant point deduction and potentially a disqualification from the competition. This applies to all venues.

High School Game Design

Brought to you by Iowa State University & the Technology Association of Iowa

Marketing Campaign Promoting Young Women in IT

According to this article in the Huffington post:

“At Google, women make up 30 percent of the company’s overall workforce, but hold only 17 percent of the company’s tech jobs. At Facebook, 15 percent of tech roles are staffed by women. At Twitter, it’s a laughable 10 percent. For non-technical jobs at Twitter (think marketing, HR, sales), the gender split is 50-50.”

You have been hired to put together a marketing campaign to promote young women in IT. The goal of this campaign is to encourage young women in your local area or school to get involved in IT classes, IT clubs (like HyperStream), Hour of Code events, etc. To make the most compelling campaign ask:

  • Why is there a gap in the IT field for women?
  • Why do you think young women might not choose IT careers especially if they have been interested before but not anymore?
  • If you are a young woman in HyperStream, what makes IT a career that you would choose?
  • Who could you interview to get insights on these problems?


  • Must use at least two of three mediums (see Creative Mediums list below)
  • You may use all three mediums if you choose – and will receive extra points for the broader range of multimedia tools used.
  • Teams can select any variation of tools within each medium
  • You must include a marketing brief that identifies all of your multimedia elements in the campaign (i.e. table of contents).  This will assist the judges in clearly understanding your complete campaign roster of elements.  See below for a template for this document that can also be accessed at the HyperStream Website.
  • At the competition, you will provide your complete campaign on a flash drive (that you bring) to the venue leader on Friday when the competition lunches. This must include your marketing brief as well.  You may not get this flash drive back, so be sure it only has your primary challenge campaign and no other school/personal files on it.
  • You are encouraged to bring hard copies (where applicable) of your campaign elements to share with the judges. Our staff will not be printing these off ahead of time. This is also good in case you have difficulties with your computer files.
    • All files must be saved as easy-to-read files for the judges, as at the competition, we will NOT have access to all of the software you may use in your creation.  You should save as files such as pdf, wmv, etc.
    • Note: you can create on a Mac or PC, but just be sure your saved files can be read by the judges on a PC or a Mac.
    • On the flash drive, you must also include a one-page Word document bulleting key messages and/or desired attributes to be marketed within this campaign, that were identified in a meeting with your client’s club members.

Creative Mediums

      1. Print: photography, photo editing (i.e. Photoshop, Pixler, Gimp, InDesign), presentation software (i.e. PowerPoint, Presi)
      2. Video/Audio: illustration, animation, music, audio production (i.e. Garage Band, Audacity), video production, special effects, movie production
      3. Interactive/Web: social media, Website design, e-commerce

There is a resource list of programs for each of the multimedia mediums found on the HyperStream Website. This will give you a great idea of what can be used for each medium, but note that you can also utilize media not on this list as well.

Judging of Primary Competition

      • 30% based on message content (i.e., how well message is communicated)
      • 30% based on appropriate use of media (i.e., visualization of message and interesting subjects)
      • 20% based on artistic appeal (i.e., use of color, fonts, photos, illustrations, etc., that fit the topic)
      • 20% based on technical implementation of media (i.e., how difficult the tasks are to accomplish)
      • Extra points will be given if all three mediums are used.

EQUIPMENT NOTES: Multimedia teams may bring the equipment you choose – laptops, video cameras, cameras, green screens, etc. You will not be restricted on what or how many pieces of equipment you bring.

You will have Internet access for the competition. However, you will want to manage this at the competition, as not all team members can be searching the Internet at once, or it could delay access.

*Each school is responsible to do background checks on anyone 18 or older that will be attending IT-Olympics associated with their students/teams.