Middle School Multimedia

Middle School Due Dates

  • March 17, 2017: Registration for Virtual Competition  Submit
  • April 3, 2017: Team Competition Summaries
  • April 12, 2017: Game Design   Submit
  • April 12, 2017: Multimedia   Submit
  • April 12, 2017: RoboticsSubmit
  • April 12, 2017: Microsoft PowerPoint Community Service   Submit
  • May 5, 2015: Winners for each Competition Announced

General Information

Requirement for each school

Optional participation

  • Community Service
  • Best Team Name
  • Best Team Logo


  • We will be awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for ALL award categories.
  • There will be great prizes!!!
  • Winning entries will be used for future promotion and training. Your submission gives HyperStream approval for your entries to be used for these purposes.

Middle School Multimedia Competition

Competition Theme: Introducing a Virtual Buddy Bench

According to the buddybench.org website, “The buddy bench is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground. Let’s spread the message of inclusion and kindness!” Teenagers could also use a way to connect with other students when they are not feeling included or possibly bullied. Your club’s task is to promote a new technology to do what the buddy bench does but for teenagers: eliminate loneliness and foster friendship.

Your challenge will be to create the marketing and promotional materials for this new inclusion technology.

Buddy Bench Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFqxqzI71Ic


  • Participants must compete as a team.
  • Team sizes are limited to 3-4 students each.
  • Clubs may submit 3 entries per category.
    • If you are a larger club with lots of multimedia involvement, it is encouraged to have a club contest to identify the top 3 entries in each category for this state competition.
  • Clubs can submit entries in EACH category OR various categories. You do not need to submit entries in every category.
  • The Team Submission Summary Form must accompany your entry.

Multimedia — Judging Criteria

  • Creativity (30%) – i.e. design approach, innovative thinking, creative use of theme, etc.
  • Execution (35%) – i.e. visual appeal, marketing savvy, theme execution, etc.
  • Technical abilities (35%) – use of software/technologies used; difficulty of technology execution, etc.

Award Categories

  • Logo – Select a name for the new technology and design a logo that will capture the excitement and innovation of the new device for the teenage market.
    • Size: 500px x 500px
    • JPG or PNG format
    • Color or Black/White is team’s choice
  • Photo Collage – Edit technology and education-related images that best represent the new technology. Compile them into a collage to be used for catalogs, online and marketing materials.
    • Must include minimum of 5 images
    • Show before and after of images submitted
    • JPG or PNG format
  • Poster – Use graphical elements and design to create a poster promoting the new technology.
    • Poster size must be sized at 8-1/2 inches (width) x 11inches (height) or larger
    • High-resolution (300ppi)
    • JPG or PNG format
  • Video Commercial – Create a commercial promoting the new technology.
    • Duration: 30 seconds
    • Include website URL for more in formation
    • Must be in MOV or MP4 format
  • Music Challenge – Edit an existing piece of music or create an original composition that could be used in the video commercial for the new technology.
    • Duration: 30 seconds
    • Must be in WAV or MP3 format
  • Website Design
    • Provide an active link for judges to access the website
    • Include logo and video commercial in Website design and presentation
    • Must have four main pages:
      • Homepage
      • About the new technology – Name and describe the new technology, and promote the new technology directed at the audiences for whom the device is intended. Highlight the features and benefits of the new technology
      • Features Included – Name and describe four types of features that the new technology includes (Note: you do NOT have to actually create the new technology)
      • Buy – Include pricing and purchasing information for the new technology.

Fine Print – Copyright

Plagiarism and copyright infringement will not be tolerated as part of the contest. All copywriting content must be originally created by your team. Art (music, graphics, etc.) used must be originally created or fall under Creative Commons with proper attribution (artwork attribution will depend on Creative Commons level selected by the creator, so make sure to check before using any artwork that is not made by your team).

Be sure to submit your Team Competition Summaries.